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Brahas Technology is providing service since 2007. In Australia we were the first to introduce E-Ink Reader. We also published lot of English and Tamil books to support our users. Our motive is "Knowledge is Power". Our publications are based on this motive.

We digitize scanned images of files that are already available on the net. By converting to digitized text, the books are made available for all kinds of media. If you require original text of any of our books, please feel free to contact us We are happy to cater for your requirements.

Before you browse our website, please read and understand our Terms and conditions. We do not provide any direct support. All our supports are limited to email only. Please provide us two working days to reply to your queries.

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If you are interested in IT services, especially related to OCR, fonts conversion or digitization of published materials, do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to provide free quotes and free consultation.